Bookbinding Styles

Crossed Structure: The covers of this book will be made from deerskin made in upstate New York.
Longstitch: The Longstitch is a lovely way to showcase embroidered patterns on the spine. For this book, we will use decorated paper we will make using the process of suminagashi, or floating ink on water.
Secret Belgian/Criss Cross Binding: Enchancing the natural theme of the sewing, we will use paper for the covers printed with plant prints from local specimens
Coptic Binding with Sewn Boards: This is an interesting twist on the four-needle Coptic style. We will use watercolor paper decorated with paste paper for the covers and sew them onto the textblock for a durable sketchbook that opens perfectly flat.
Longstitch with Paper Wrapper: This binding is an excellent way to showcase your favorite decorated paper you’ve made during the week.