Hand Bookbinding 2020

Our Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, we will create three non-adhesive books. The structures will range from the earliest binding styles to contemporary, and they are geared towards beginner through intermediate skill levels. In addition to the binding, we will explore three different ways to decorate paper for the covers of our books: paste paper, suminagashi, and plant printing. The goal is to create a harmonious set of beautiful books, learn simple structures that you can take home and repeat on your own, and let your creative mind explore the medium of book binding.

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Our Bookbinding Instructor

juliayn-coleman.jpgJuliayn Coleman received a diploma in bookbinding and book conservation from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003. She is president of the Hand Bookbinders of California and is a member of the American Institute for Conservation, the Guild of Book Workers (US) and Designer Bookbinders (UK). She currently resides in Oakland, California, where she has a private practice in bookbinding and conservation. For more about Juliayn and her work, please visit: www.bookislandbindery.com

“Juliayn was able to assist each individual according to their skill level with professionalism and patience, making a great classroom experience.”

Costs for 6 Nights, August 30 – September 5, 2020

$1700. for each student + $100 materials fee.

Includes private room, 3 home cooked meals each day (except for one evening meal when we will go out to dinner in a neighboring coastal town), 5 days of hand bookbinding instruction, and the use of canoes, kayaks, and sailboat.

Workshop space is limited to 10 Hand Bookbinding students.

A list of bookbinding tools and what to bring will be sent upon registration.

$1000. for each nonparticipating partner.

Includes shared private room with bookbinding partner, 3 home-cooked meals each day (except for one evening meal on your own in a neighboring coastal town), and the use of canoes, kayaks, and sailboat.

“Sunset Lodge is a perfect spot in so many ways. Location is everything here. It’s amazing from sun-up to sun-down. Go here.”

Questions about the workshop?

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Bookbinding Styles


Longstich with Woven Spine. The Longstitch is a lovely way to showcase embroidered patterns on the spine. For this book, we will use decorated paper we will make using the process of suminagashi, or floating ink on water.
Crossed Structure. The Crossed Structure is a modern response to the needs of conservation rebinding, and as such, also happens to be an excellent way to bind travel journals, sketchbooks, and albums. It opens well, the covers use intriguing lacing patterns, and it is the perfect vehicle for the intuitive designs of handmade paste paper.
Criss Cross Binding. Enchancing the natural theme of the sewing, we will use paper for the covers printed with plant prints from local specimens. Pine needles, lily pads, and local grasses all work well for this style.